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The most comprehensive power sources industry database


The Power Sources DataBase includes 29,000 records of industry vendors, batteries, cells, fuel cells and super capacitors datasheets.

The on-line DataBase includes a technical search engine that easily locates any desired records.

Customers can buy a yearly subscription for $799

The on-line web DataBase service is updated every day with new cell datasheets and information.

• Users - On-line web fast search of cells, batteries, chargers, fuel cells, battery holders, ultra capacitors, companies/manufacturers/vendors, conferences/fairs, industry literature, and industry organizations tailor made for the user needs..
• Pack Assemblers - On-line web fast search of vendors, cells and any other raw materials.
• Cell Manufacturers - Use the database to compare your cells to the market, expand your sales and improve cell performance & quality.
• Suppliers - Demonstrate advantages of your products.
• Academic members - On-line web fast search of cells and fuel cells for comparing academic research targets to the energy sources current market.
• R&D - Quickly evaluate new designs and existing products.
• Market Researchers - Quickly locate knowledge needed for market research.
• Safety Personnel & Battery shippers - easily locate cells, batteries, lithium weight and links to the manufacturer safety approval documents.
• Recycles - Quickly locate business in the field.
• Battery cross reference guide - Quickly locate a replacement for your batteries.

Power Sources Database Brochure


DataBase User Manual


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Power Sources DataBase International Partners

Arbin Instruments
762 Peach Creak Cut Off Road.
College Station, TX 77845, USA
Mr. Antony Prulian,, Tel: 979-690-2751, Ext 142
(Arbin customers can buy a database yearly license in a reduced cost of $599 when purchased together as a package with a tester)

Power Sources DataBase International Distributors

Gamry Instruments
734 Louis Drive
Warminster, PA 18974, USA
Dr. Burak Ulgut,, Tel: 215-682-9330, Ext 105

If you are in a country that does not currently have a Distributor, contact us directly